A series of events culminated in Candy Twist making their first public appearance opening GREYFEST on Saturday 6 July. The first rain in over week blew in right on cue!!! and if reports are to be believed, Sawtry was one of only a few places affected. Still, spirits were not dampened, even if the PA system was!!! and we played before an umbrella hunting crowd, bigger than we were entitled to expect.

Candy Twist’s first public set contained a healthy dose of Beatle fare, ably supported by tracks from The Small Faces, Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, The Who, The Byrds, Creedence, Deep Purple and in tribute to bill sharing Keith West, a Psych Classic from his former band Tomorrow.

As for the former Tomorrow front man, Keith performed at the other end of the bill with The Detours. In between we lapped up his first-hand reports of life in a band during the era we represent, Rob got his album signed, Steve modelled official Candy Twist merchandise!!! the sun came out, and a splendid time was had by all.

We’re back to the rehearsal room this Wednesday. We officially launch 25 August, but hey, who knows if another eleventh hour warm-up gig lurks? Watch this space!!! #candytwist #candytwistband #greyfest #keithwest #keithwesttomorrow #psychedelia #sixtiescoversband

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