Candy Twist

Ready Steady Go, Shindig, Pirate Radio, Andy Warhol, JFK, Martin Luther, Carnaby Street, Mary Quant, Mini Skirts and Marmalade Skies, from Swinging London to Haight-Ashbury.


The Sixties, a cultural revolution, defined by its music. Let Candy Twist take you back, on a trip from Beatlemania to Woodstock, from Baroque Pop to Sunny Psychedelia, from Bubblegum to Blues Rock.


Candy Twist are a four piece that came together with a collective desire to deliver shows loaded with material they love, from an era revolutionary in the evolution of Pop.

Each show is supported, pre-band and intervals by Dr Robert's Psychedelic Sweet Shop, spinning sounds of the generation, personally tailored ever evolving mixes, laced with period Jingles, Ads and Artefacts from the era, making each show a unique, out of sight experience.

Can you dig it?. If so, turn on and tune in to the Psychedelic Sounds of Candy Twist and join them at their next happening.


A splendid time is guaranteed for all!!!

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